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Richard & Gloria's e-session

at Constitution Park of Deer Creek aka the Deerfield Beach Arboretum. Richard & Gloria actually used to live within walking distance of this park, they visited it often, went there to paint sometimes, and watched it go thru many changes and improvements. It's kinda cool that this park has special meaning in their relationship.


Tara said...

Austin and I love this location...you just get better and better every time you shoot. This is one of my favorite e-sessions!

alison miller photography said...

Wow!! Beautiful! I love the colors on these, so true. And I really love that you shot through things... the first one with the purple flowers and her red shoes...the second one with her laughing and the tree trunk out of focus in the right with bright red flowers all over the ground. I also love the one shot from the ground with the red flowers and the one where he puts the flower behind her ear, such a great moment. I love the ring on the ficus with them just about to kiss, and him holding the heart while she looks at the camera. The compositions are really creative. Brilliant!