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A New Car

I feel like such a grown-up to have nice new shiny car! I love everything about it, especially the smell!

This was a long time coming for me, my other car was literally falling apart on me. I am so excited about the new car, but on the otherhand I am very sad to say I think the old car will be crushed, even though it's just a car, I feel like I hurt its feelings by trading up. In general I think I just have a hard time letting go of things and dealing with change.

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Tara said...

no picture? :( P.S. I love your car... we're not doing a limo for the wedding...will you drive us in your new car?

Amber Sycz Photography said...

Okay, I finally got around to posting some photos!!! You can ride in my car if you really want to, Dan might end up being the driver for the day though.

Holly said...

Congrats on the new car, Amber!! I love it!