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Brian & Karen's Wedding ~ Boca Raton Florida

at The Spanish River Library on the Lakeside Patio in Boca Raton, Florida.

 photo DSC_5220a.jpg
 photo DSC_5333a.jpg
 photo DSC_5387a.jpg
 photo DSC_5035logoweb.jpg
 photo DSC_5452a.jpg
 photo DSC_5891aa.jpg
 photo DSC_5914a.jpg
 photo DSC_6085alogoweb.jpg
 photo wedding1168.jpg
 photo wedding1162.jpg
 photo wedding1140aaweb.jpg
 photo wedding1123.jpg
 photo wedding1101.jpg
 photo wedding1201vweb.jpg
 photo wedding1182.jpg
 photo wedding1227.jpg
 photo DSC_6332a.jpg
 photo DSC_6375a.jpg
 photo DSC_6432a.jpg
 photo wedding1416.jpg
 photo DSC_6567a.jpg
 photo DSC_6858a-1.jpg
 photo DSC_6878a.jpg
 photo DSC_6928a.jpg
 photo DSC_7235a.jpg
 photo DSC_7245a.jpg
 photo DSC_7259a.jpg
 photo DSC_7311a.jpg
 photo DSC_7503a.jpg
 photo wedding2171aweb.jpg
 photo wedding2222aweb.jpg
 photo wedding2246web.jpg
 photo wedding2148aweb.jpg
 photo wedding2169aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_7543a.jpg
 photo wedding2340aweb.jpg
 photo Untitled-1web.jpg
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 photo DSC_3247a.jpg
 photo DSC_3308a.jpg
 photo DSC_3326a.jpg
 photo DSC_3373logoweb.jpg

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