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Beach Family Photo Session

on Deerfield Beach by Embassay Suites Deerfield Beach, FL

It rained the entire session! we even got stuck in the lifeguard tower while it down-poured
-but we got a rainbow at the end :-) 

 photo DSC_3172aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2747web.jpg
 photo DSC_3087aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_3014aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2901aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2780aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2517aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2817web-1.jpg
 photo DSC_2283aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2305web.jpg
 photo DSC_2455aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2490aweb.jpg
 photo DSC_2529web.jpg
 photo DSC_2724web.jpg

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