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About Amber

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Hopefully this information will help you decide if Amber Sycz Photography would be a good match for you on your wedding day! It is really important to have a photographer you are comfortable being with who won’t stress you out! About half of the brides that book with Amber are local and the other half come from all over the United States (and Canada!), some brides Amber does not even meet until their wedding day!

Amber's calls her shooting style 'modern documentary'- it is the perfect mixture of candid and posed. Using her natural artistic talent her photos are full of whimsy with fun details, and unparrelled composition choices. The photos are full of bright vibrant colors and are always sharp crisp! One of Amber's specialties is staging candid moments to capture creative images that feel like they happened spontaneously. Through her lens your memories will be unforgettable!!!

Amber is incredibly flexible, accepts inspiration from bride's pinterest boards, and is willing to accomodate any special circumstances unique to your wedding. She is super approachable and is very comfortable in all types of situations, remaining professional and calming nerves! :-) Not only is she amazingly talented, but her welcoming personality will make you feel like she is one of family or a friend you have known forever!

It is a huge blessing to Amber that she is able to make a living doing what she loves. Each wedding is a unique experience and it is Amber's goal to capture every detail and tell an amazing romantic story through images. Amber truly loves weddings! Her favorite moment of all time is the groom seeing the bride for the first time whether coming down an aisle or during a first look experience.

Amber has a BFA in Photography from the University of Florida, she graduated summa cum laude in 2004. In January 2008 she started shooting weddings professionally, since then she has shot over 200 weddings. She photographs all different kinds of weddings at all different locations: backyards, churches, yachts, hotel ballrooms.

In June of 2007 Amber married her high school sweetheart. She resides in Coral Springs with her husband and two young children. Family always comes first to Amber, so if your call goes to voicemail she is probably spending quality time with her precious kiddos (her very loud kiddos) and will return your call shortly.

If you think Amber may be a good match for capturing your memories please take the time to call and chat with her or send her an email. She loves email!

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